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Established in 1990 The Tracker Shop is a reputable company based in Leeds, England. We sell a wide range of professional surveillance and countersurveillance solutions designed for any situation.

Customer satisfaction is our aim so if you have a question about any of the products we sell, please contact us.

The Tracker Shop

Counter Tracking Service

If you are seeking to protect your movements or if you feel that you have been or are currently a victim of GPS Tracking devices, we have the answer to your problem.

Please contact us in confidence to discuss.
Call: +44 (0)113 2302000


The Shadow 4000 GPS Tracker has two strong magnets on the device so it can be magnetically placed on..


​They say beauty is only skin deep, it’s what is underneath that matters. This GPS tracker certainly..


SHADOW 150£145 inc Vatthis is our new smaller in car tracker Pay as u go    ..


SHADOW 7 GPS Tracker£120 Inc VatShadow7 GPS Tracker Features WiFi TrackingSIM Location TrackingGP..


OUT OF STOCK UNTILL BEGINNING SEPTEMBERThis tracker is one of our new long life battery unitsunlimit..


DLG10 Subscription Free GPS Tracker! This is the brand new GPS-DLG10, a compact, credit-card ..


Unlimited Tracking - 1 Month - For our Pay As You Go Tracker Range -  Follow your tr..


Unlimited Tracking - 3 Months - For our Pay As You Go Tracker Range -  Follow your t..