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This tracker is on a pay as u go system so no long term requirement

You just buy positions thru our site as required however to get you started we have included in the price for you 250 positions and 10 sms

The new Shadow  Mini GPS Tracker is the product of our commitment, dedication and rigorous testing which copes with the demanding operating conditions. We’ve even wrapped it in foil for several days to attempt to break it – the end result is a device geared around giving you freedom. Freedom from worry, and freedom to select a model tailor made to suit your application.

Our new  Mini GPS Tracker, sophisticated, secure, safe and strong – designed with your satisfaction in mind!

Charging wire included

After 3 months of inactivity, the SIM card will be deactivated. Then contact us to re activate

Performance improvements

Our new  Series has been designed based on in depth industry knowledge and expertise gained from many years’ experience in the field of covert tracking. The ability to obtain a GPS fix quickly, and especially under extreme conditions, was a major requirement. This has been addressed by placing a large GPS receiver antenna on the PCB.

This is ideal for short term deployment



Moving away from 2G in the future

The  Mini GPS Tracker has been designed with the future in mind. The challenge of keeping abreast of rapid advancements in technology has been fulfilled through being able to incorporate 2G and 3G and therefore faster data rates and wider coverage. 3G functionality allows the devices to use the “log mode feature,” as transferring data becomes a faster and seamless experience. We have also made significant improvements in enhancing signal strength culminating in a range of tracking devices which perform at the highest level possible.

  • Dimensions: 90x38x20mm

  • Battery: 2100mAh

  • Battery Life: Around 5 days (normal tracking mode – few hours a day

Stability is so important

It was also vital for our new range to incorporate stability and safety features to prevent a PCB from “locking up.” We have fulfilled this requirement by enabling every PCB in the “normal tracking mode” to update a server check every two hours. This function, together with other high calibre safety and security features also included in the design, ensures total reliability and brings with it an assurance and peace of mind that you can fully depend on these products for all your tracking needs.

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