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You can purchase GPS Asset Trackers from our website 24/7 or visit our showroom in person. We deliver our products internationally.

Established in 1990 The Tracker Shop is a reputable company based in Leeds, England. We sell a wide range of professional surveillance and countersurveillance solutions designed for any situation.

Customer satisfaction is our aim so if you have a question about any of the products we sell, please contact us.

Counter Tracking Service

If you are seeking to protect your movements or if you feel that you have been or are currently a victim of GPS Tracking devices, we have the answer to your problem.

Vehicle Tracking Products


Shadow 5800We have now added the popular 5800 again after requests from clients£250 inc Vat   T..


Bar GPS Tracker 6000mAh£185 including vat  This unit is on the Pay-as-you use system Just ..


COMES COMPLETE WITH 3 MONTHS UNLIMITED TRACKINGIf you already have Powermat wireless charging mats, ..


This unit is on the Pay-as-you use system  Just go to the cost on the front page and select c..


  SHADOW II  £175 inc VAT Now Available ! Charging cable included. The pack incl..


Shadow 6700 This unit is on the Pay-as-you use system  Just go to the cost on the front page..


£350 INC VATINCLUDING 1 FULL MONTHS UNLIMITED TRACKINGthere after just go to our site and top for1 /..


This tracker is on a pay as u go system so no long term requirementYou just buy positions thru our s..


If your tracker has not logged in for 6 month or more the SIM card will have been deactivated and th..


Shadow GL3000 £295 inc vatThis tracker is on a No contract- Pay as you use- so run by youThis tracke..


SHADOW 7 gps Tracker£155 inc Vat View Cart ..


Shadow 6700 S £280 inc Vat This is on on PAY AS U GO  no contract     ..


Unlimited Tracking - 1 Month - For our Pay As You Go Tracker Range -  Follow your tr..